2.2×1.1×1.6m hot sale motorcycle bubble cover

The motorcycle bubble cover is a unique and convenient solution for motorcycle riders who need a portable, weather-resistant shelter while traveling or camping. This innovative tent is designed to provide your motorcycle with a safe and secure shelter while you sleep or take a break from the road.

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2.2×1.1×1.6m hot sale motorcycle bubble cover

The motorcycle bubble cover is also customizable, offering a wide range of sizes and shapes for different models of motorcycles. It also comes in a variety of colors and designs, making it an excellent option for riders looking to personalize and enhance the visual appeal of their motorcycles.

motorcycle bubble cover

Another advantage of the motorcycle bubble cover is that it is very versatile in usage. It provides a convenient storage solution for bikes during winter or extended periods of inactivity. Moreover, it helps to prolong the overall life of the motorcycle, reducing the risk of damage caused by the elements or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

motorcycle bubble cover

One of the primary benefits of the motorcycle bubble cover is its ease of use. It can be installed and removed within minutes, requiring no technical knowledge or special tools. The cover is very effective at protecting a motorcycle stored outdoors, whether in a backyard or a parking lot.

motorcycle bubble cover
Weight6 kg
Dimensions28 × 30 × 39 cm




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