6×4.5x2m hot sale inflatable rescue cushion

inflatable rescue cushion are designed to be easy to use and maintain. They are typically stored in a compact case, making them easy to transport to the location of the emergency. Once the cushion has been used, it can be deflated, returned to its case, and stored until it is needed again.

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6×4.5x2m hot sale inflatable rescue cushion

An inflatable rescue cushion is a specially designed device used in emergency situations to safely catch people who jump or fall from high places, such as buildings or bridges. The cushion is made up of strong, flexible material that can withstand impact and keep the jumper from landing on hard surfaces. This makes it an essential tool for emergency services such as fire departments, police departments, and emergency medical services.

inflatable rescue cushion
inflatable rescue cushion

The inflatable rescue cushion typically consists of two parts: an inflator and the cushion itself. The cushion is made of extremely durable and tear-resistant material that can withstand the weight and force of a person falling from a high place. The inflator is used to fill the cushion with air, and is powered by electricity or a gas source such as compressed air. Once inflated, the cushion provides a soft and stable landing platform.

inflatable rescue cushion
inflatable rescue cushion

Inflatable rescue cushions are used in a wide variety of rescue situations. For example, they may be used to catch a person jumping from a burning building, or a bridge. They are also commonly used in rescue situations where a person is stranded in a high place and needs to be lowered down to safety. The cushion can be placed on the ground or raised up to catch the person as they descend.

inflatable rescue cushion
inflatable rescue cushion

These cushions are critical to the success of rescue operations. They have saved countless lives and prevented serious injuries. They are used by emergency services all across the world, including in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Weight89 kg
Dimensions99 × 58 × 66 cm


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