7×3.5m Outdoor blow-up tent giant dome inflatable pool enclosure

An inflatable pool enclosure, also known as an inflatable pool cover or dome, is a structure that is designed to cover and enclose a swimming pool. It is typically made from a durable and waterproof material such as PVC or reinforced fabric.

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7×3.5m Outdoor blow-up tent giant dome inflatable pool enclosure

The main purpose of an inflatable pool enclosure is to provide a barrier that protects the pool from external elements such as debris, leaves, insects, and harsh weather conditions. It can help keep the water clean and reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

pool cover
pool cover

The enclosure is inflated using an air pump, creating a rigid structure that covers the pool entirely or partially, depending on the design. Some enclosures have transparent windows or panels, allowing natural light to pass through and creating a greenhouse effect that helps to heat the water.

pool cover
pool cover

These enclosures are relatively easy to install and dismantle. They can be quickly inflated or deflated, allowing for flexibility in using the pool space. Additionally, some models are designed to be portable, making them suitable for temporary or seasonal pool setups.

pool cover
pool cover

Overall, an inflatable pool enclosure is a practical and versatile solution for pool owners who want to extend the usability of their pool and maintain its cleanliness and safety.

Weight62 kg
Dimensions97 × 51 × 62 cm




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