7.2x12x3m hot sale portable transparent inflatable dome for pool

The inflatable dome for pool is an innovative and versatile solution for creating a covered and protected swimming environment. This inflatable structure offers a unique and enjoyable experience for pool owners, allowing them to swim and relax in any weather conditions. With its remarkable features and benefits, the inflatable dome for the pool has become a popular choice for those seeking year-round pool access.

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7.2x12x3m outdoor portable transparent inflatable dome for pool

One of the key features of the inflatable dome for pool is its quick and easy installation. The structure is designed to be inflated rapidly using an electric pump, ensuring hassle-free set up. Within a short period, the dome takes shape, creating a spacious and enclosed area over the pool. This allows you to enjoy swimming or lounging regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

pool cover
pool cover

The versatility of the inflatable dome for pool is another remarkable aspect. It comes in various sizes and shapes, accommodating different pool dimensions and designs. Whether you have a round, rectangular, or irregularly shaped pool, there is an inflatable dome available to suit your specific requirements. Some domes even offer customizable options, allowing you to add features like windows or entryways for enhanced convenience and ventilation.

pool cover
pool cover

Protection is a significant benefit provided by the inflatable dome for the pool. It acts as a shield against elements like rain, wind, and UV rays, ensuring that you can enjoy swimming even in adverse weather conditions. The dome helps to keep the pool water clean, preventing leaves, debris, and insects from entering the water. It also provides some insulation, retaining heat and extending the swimming season.

Weight106 kg
Dimensions103 × 59 × 51 cm




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