16x13x15ft Funny Inflatable Clown Bounce House Slide Combo for sale

The Clown Bounce House Slide Combo is a versatile inflatable play structure that combines the excitement of a bounce house and a slide, all adorned with a fun clown theme. This innovative entertainment unit offers a wealth of features and is built using high-quality materials to ensure safety and durability.

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16x13x15ft Funny Inflatable Clown Bounce House Slide Combo for sale

Constructed with top-notch materials, the Bounce House Slide Combo is made to withstand rigorous use. The outer cover is crafted from heavy-duty puncture-resistant vinyl, which provides a sturdy and resilient surface. This ensures that the inflatable can endure energetic bouncing and sliding without tearing or deflating.

Clown Bounce House Slide Combo
Clown Bounce House Slide Combo

The vibrant and captivating design showcases a delightful clown theme, making it an eye-catching attraction for children. The inflatable’s colorful exterior is adorned with cheerful prints of clowns, balloons, and other circus elements, further enhancing the overall appeal.

Clown Bounce House Slide Combo
Clown Bounce House Slide Combo

The primary feature of this combo unit is the bounce house section. With a spacious interior, kids can jump, bounce, and play to their heart’s content. The bounce area is equipped with safety netting on all sides to prevent accidental falls while ensuring maximum visibility for supervising adults. This feature guarantees a safe and secure environment for kids to enjoy their playtime.

Clown Bounce House Slide Combo
Clown Bounce House Slide Combo

In addition to the bounce house, the Bounce House Slide Combo also includes a thrilling slide. Located on the side of the unit, the slide provides an exciting descent for children after they have finished bouncing. The slide has built-in safety features, such as high side walls and safety handles, to ensure a safe sliding experience.

Clown Bounce House Slide Combo
Clown Bounce House Slide Combo

Furthermore, the inflatable is designed with multiple entrances and exits, allowing for easy access and smooth flow of children in and out of the structure. This feature also enables multiple kids to enjoy the fun simultaneously, encouraging social interaction and active play.

In terms of setup, the Bounce House Slide Combo is equipped with sturdy anchor points and reinforced stitching, ensuring stability and longevity. It comes with a powerful electric blower that quickly inflates the unit, allowing children to start playing in no time. The blower remains connected during use to maintain the structure’s firmness and keep it inflated.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, the inflatable also includes convenient features such as easy deflation valves and practical storage straps. These features facilitate quick deflation and compact storage when the unit is not in use.

Overall, the Bounce House Slide Combo offers an exhilarating and safe play environment for children. Its durable construction, attractive design, and combination of bounce house and slide features make it a perfect choice for parties, events, or simply a fun-filled day of play.




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