7.5×5.4×3.5m portable black inflatable car spray booth

An inflatable car spray booth is a portable and temporary structure that is designed for spray painting cars or other vehicles. It provides a controlled and enclosed environment to contain paint fumes, overspray, and dust particles, minimizing their impact on the surroundings.

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7.5×5.4×3.5m portable black inflatable car spray booth

The booth is made of a durable and airtight material, typically PVC or reinforced fabric, which is inflated using an air pump. This creates a sturdy and rigid structure that can accommodate the size of a car or small vehicle. The booth is usually equipped with one or more access doors for easy entry and exit.

inflatable paint booth
inflatable paint booth

The inflatable car spray booth is designed with proper ventilation systems to ensure proper air circulation and removal of fumes. It typically includes filters to capture paint particles and vent them outside, reducing the potential for environmental pollution.

inflatable paint booth
inflatable paint booth

One of the main advantages of an inflatable car spray booth is its portability. It can be easily packed up and transported to different locations, making it suitable for mobile or temporary painting operations. It can also be quickly set up and inflated, reducing the time required for preparation.

inflatable paint booth
inflatable paint booth

These booths are commonly used by automotive repair shops, car dealerships, or individual car enthusiasts who want to perform paint jobs in a controlled and contained environment. They offer a cost-effective alternative to permanent spray booths and provide flexibility in terms of location and space requirements.


Weight143 kg
Dimensions115 × 75 × 75 cm




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