3.6×3.6x3M creative design zoo theme inflatable bouncer

The zoo theme inflatable bouncer is a uniquely designed and interesting indoor or outdoor activity product for children. It takes the zoo as the theme, and integrates childlike animal images into the design of the inflatable bouncer, bringing children a joyful and exciting play experience.


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zoo theme inflatable bouncer

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inflatable bouncer
inflatable bouncer

inflatable bouncer is a uniquely designed and interesting outdoor activity product for children. It takes the theme of the zoo and incorporates childlike animal images into the design of the trampoline, bringing joy and exciting animal experiences to children.Inflatable bouncer is also called bouncy castle, This product is in the form of continuous inflation, and the air supply volume is large. In order to make the toy have good elasticity, some parts of this toy need to leak air, otherwise the toy will affect the entertainment effect if it is too hard.

inflatable bouncer
inflatable bouncer

Main feature:

High-quality material: Made of high-quality wear-resistant, waterproof and tear-resistant PVC material, which has good durability and safety.
Zoo theme: Colorful and vivid animal patterns, such as lion, elephant, giraffe, etc., add fun and interactivity.

Comfortable Protection: The bottom adopts a soft mattress, which provides good cushioning and protection, and weakens the impact of children’s jumping.
Safety index: A safety index with a moderate height around it can effectively prevent children from accidentally falling and increase safety.

inflatable bouncer
inflatable bouncer

The advantage of the inflatable bouncer is mainly its safety, and it can also bring a lot of happiness to everyone. The inflatable bouncer has good elasticity, and there are no reinforced edges and corners. Children will not fall and wrestle. If you don’t make mistakes in accordance with the rules of the game or there are guardians watching, basically there will be no danger of harming children. Moreover, children can perform various activities such as drilling, climbing, climbing, and jumping on these simulated castles. It can not only exercise their perseverance and physical strength, but also have a certain pioneering effect on the coordination and processing ability of the body.

inflatable bouncer
inflatable bouncer

The zoo-themed inflatable bouncer is suitable for outdoor or indoor activities, birthday parties, park entertainment facilities and other occasions, suitable for children over 3 years old.


Children should be accompanied and supervised by parents or adults when using it.
Before use, please make sure there are no sharp objects and dangerous objects around.
Avoid multiple people jumping at the same time to avoid collision accidents.
Pay attention to avoid using it in irritating weather conditions, such as strong wind, heavy rain, etc.



inflatable bouncer
inflatable bouncer

Can we customize other themed inflatable bouncer?

Yes, our inflatable bouncer can often be customized to meet individual or business needs. Custom services can include the following:

Size customization: According to the size and needs of the space, inflatable bouncer of different sizes can be customized to suit users of different venues and age groups.

Theme customization: inflatable bouncer with different themes can be customized according to customer preferences or specific activity needs, such as zoo, ocean, superhero, etc.

Customized logo: Customer’s trademark, brand logo or personalized text can be added to the inflatable bouncer to enhance brand promotion effect or personalized customization needs.

Accessories customization: In addition to the inflatable bouncer itself, other accessories such as safety fences, inflatable mats, carrying bags, etc. can also be customized to meet specific needs.

If you have the style and theme you want, you can contact us, we will give you a customized plan。




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