5.2x2x1.7m waterproof inflatable floods car bag

The floods car bag is an inflatable bag made of durable materials designed to protect cars from floodwaters. Its portability, ease of installation, and environmental friendliness make it an excellent solution for car owners living in flood-prone areas. The Flood Cars Bag creates a protective barrier, reducing the risk of water damage to vehicles and providing a cost-effective solution for car flood protection.

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5.2x2x1.7m waterproof inflatable floods car bag

floods car bag: An Innovative Solution for Protecting Cars against Floodwaters

Floods can cause significant damage to vehicles, with car owners often left with hefty repair bills or, in some cases, having to write off their vehicles entirely. To address this challenge, engineers have developed a solution to protect cars against floodwaters – the Flood Cars Bag.

floods car bag
floods car bag

floods car bag is an inflatable bag designed to protect cars from floodwaters. The bag is made of highly durable material, such as polyurethane or PVC, and is inflated with either air or water. The bag is placed around the car, and once inflated, it completely covers the vehicle, protecting it from water damage.

flood car bag
flood car bag

The floods car bag design is straightforward, making it easy to install in a just a few minutes. The bag’s inflatable nature means it can be stored conveniently when not in use and carried in the car trunk, enabling drivers to quickly deploy the bag when needed. The Flood Cars Bag is available in different sizes to fit cars of varying sizes and types.

Weight27 kg
Dimensions66 × 43 × 41 cm

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