High quality water injection flood control barrier water filled bag

flood control barrier, also known as a water-filled tube barrier, is a type of flood protection barrier that consists of interconnected tubes or cylinders filled with water. These barriers are designed to create a protective barrier against rising water levels and prevent flooding in vulnerable areas.

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High quality water injection flood control barrier water filled bag

Versatile applications:  flood control barrier can be used in various flood-prone areas, including residential neighborhoods, commercial properties, and emergency response locations. They can be deployed around entrances, across driveways, or along perimeters to redirect or block floodwaters.

flood control barrier

Effective water resistance: When filled with water, the interconnected tubes create a strong and watertight barrier, preventing water from entering protected areas. This reliable defense helps safeguard homes, buildings, and infrastructure from flood damage.

flood control barrier

Flexibility and adaptability: These flood control barrier are versatile and can be interconnected to form a continuous line of defense. They can be easily stacked or linked together to cover larger areas or create custom shapes based on the specific flood risk.

Weight35 kg
Dimensions72 × 38 × 38 cm




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