WG10 Temporary orange PVC flood barriers lightweight

Temporary flood barriers:Water-Gate is a portable dam that can be used without the use of any tools. It can well protect your house or property from flooding.
Watergate barriers are used worldwide and are a perfect substitute for other flood control products. In addition, they remain stable regardless of the length and direction of the flow, or the slope of the terrain.

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WG10 Temporary orange PVC flood barriers lightweight

An inflatable flood barrier is a type of temporary flood barrier that can be quickly deployed in the event of a flood. It consists of a series of interconnected tubes or cells made from a durable, waterproof material such as PVC or reinforced fabric. The cells are filled with air or water to create a barrier that can prevent floodwaters from entering an area or redirect them away from vulnerable infrastructure.

inflatable flood barriers

Inflatable flood barriers are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to store and transport when not in use. They can be quickly inflated using an air pump or water source, and can be easily deflated and rolled up for storage after use.

inflatable flood barrier

Inflatable flood barriers are particularly useful in areas where traditional flood barriers are not practical or cannot be installed quickly enough. They can be used to protect homes, businesses, and other infrastructure from flood damage, and can also be used to create temporary flood protection for construction sites, events, and other temporary structures.

inflatable flood barrier

However, inflatable flood barriers may not be suitable for all situations, and their effectiveness will depend on factors such as the height and force of the floodwaters, the condition of the ground, and the quality of the barrier material.

inflatable flood barrier

Weight38 kg
Dimensions63 × 60 × 40 cm



Cold-resistant PVC, High quality waterproof PVC tarpaulin

Quality Standard


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